Sunday, August 29, 2010

Un, deux, trois.

So, here we go. I've been meaning to start this blog for a long time now... I wasn't exactly sure how to approach it since this isn't one of those "I want to be a writer so please subscribe to me and help get me published so I can feed my dog and pay my rent," type of blogs. This is the type where I vent, rant, and ramble about things, thoughts, and experiences, and maybe some few will come across this and decide to take in a few lines. Maybe you can relate to this, or maybe you think what I have to say is complete bullshit. Either way I'm fine with giving you that choice.

A little over a month ago, a good friend of mine was killed in a car accident. It's hard to believe it's been that long when I still can't even believe it really happened. To say the least, this year has been interesting, and has hit me in more ways that I could ever have expected. Looking back to January, I almost feel as if I am an entirely different person than I was before. If I believed in a god or a tangible higher power of some sort, I'd probably express how I think he/she has been trying to teach me a lesson. Clearly, I've been missing their point because the ball hasn't stopped rolling.

Last night, while texting one of my best friends about the itchy stagnant sadness that has most recently consumed my mind, she replied with some of the best advice I hadn't expected. She told me, "O, life is messy and it fucking blows. But, it's all we have, and it's worth the battle." After reading this, I thought about the incredible sense it made to me right then and there. When life throws curve balls at you, one after another, after another, we really do have two choices. "Either throw your hands up and sit there in the rubble, or take the hard knocks and rebuild." This choice that isn't really a choice is the only thing with which we can engage ourselves before succumbing to the parasitic lifestyles our societies dread. It's a beautiful thing to see someone smile, and it's that much more amazing to witness when it is genuine from left to right.

The heroes of our world were neither given nor handed any part of their legacies, rather they chose to overcome the rubble beneath, above, and all around them. They rebuilt into beauty and their stories show us how. Be a hero to one, or a hero to all. Although, never should you sit in that rubble as if it all's been destroyed. In my opinion, the greatest and most inspiring forms of art emerge from the rejected and recycled debris left behind our greatest battles.

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